Well, I formally call them ”artisan Bluetooth speakers”, but they’re still Boomerboxes to me.  Boomboxes for the baby boomers.   Portable, stylish speakers that you can use at the beach but will also fit into your living room.


They were conceived to satisfy my own baby-boomer desire to have something cool to play my music around the house, on the deck, and down on the beach.   I’ve listened to enough high quality speakers to not settle for the real “boombox” sound or the compressed and processed sound from most modern Bluetooth speakers.  But I am a pragmatic engineer, not an audiophile purist, so I’ll settle for good sound in a convenient package, rather than pursue elusive (or illusory) perfection.

My Boomerboxes have been in the works for over a year.  I showed a number of prototype enclosures during the 2017 Studio Tour and auditioned a working version of the electronics.  But I needed to get the electronics on to printed circuit boards (they were on stripboards ) to make assembly easier and more reliable.  It’s been many  years since I designed a printed circuit board, so some rusty skills needed to be sharpened up and I had to learn some new software tools.  But it’s all worked out.  I will be showing, and offering for sale, working versions at the Gabriola Woodworkers Guild “The Wood Show” on August 25/26 2018 and in the Gabriola Gadgets workshop on the 2018 Thanksgiving Studio Tour (we are #56 in the Studio Tour Guide).

More info on what these are and what’s inside in future posts.

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