the wood show – great success!

The Gabriola Woodworkers Guild inaugural exhibit at the Gabriola Arts and Heritage Centre was a great success.  We probably had over 1000 visitors had  over the two days and the members who were selling work did very well.

We had everything from kayaks to knives on display, which meant there was something of interest for almost everyone who visited.   I showed my new portable lamps, and the portable Bluetooth speakers that I have been working on for the past year.   At the last minute, I decided not to put them on sale – still a bit worried about the stability of the electronics for both the lamps and the speakers.   I’ve got a month to tweak things before the Thanksgiving Studio Tour!

Thanksgiving Studio Tour

The shop all cleaned up and ready for visitors!

This was Gabriola Gadgets’ first Studio tour in its own workshop and, even though it seemed unlikely at times, the workshop was cleaned up and turned into a presentable exhibit space in time for the Tour.    We had something for everyone – lamps, Bluetooth speakers, tools and displays, a great view, and snacks!  And lots of visitors came – over 570 during the three days of the Tour.  We sold out of almost everything on the first day and had visitors signing up with requests for more pieces.

Music Fest Recap

Gabriola Gadgets had a great time at the inaugural Gabriola Music Fest. The Fest was located in a large field behind a small mall. Vendors were arranged in an arc facing the stage, so we all had a chance to enjoy the performances while tending our booths.

As a newbie with a brand-new tent, I conscientiously put in all the stakes and guy lines even though there was only a slight breeze, while my more experienced neighbours quickly plunked their tents down and got on with setting out their wares. On Sunday the wind got gusty and tents started flying. My diligence was rewarded!

For a first-time, I think we did a creditable job with the booth and our merchandise displays.  My lovely partner, Linda, was a BIG help over two longish days in the booth.   I would say the festival attendees were there more to listen to music than to shop, so there were some slow times.  However the music and the people watching opportunities helped pass the time.

In the end, we sold a bit of everything.  The big success was the Camp Lamps – they almost sold out.  Need to do more portable lamps …

Gabriola Gadgets is at the Gabriola Music Fest

We will be among the vendors at the inaugural Music Fest coming up on the Labor Day long weekend.   We’ll be selling smaller items – lamps and gadget stands, as well as Rob Maynard’s beautiful arbutus cutting boards.  We’ll also be encouraging festival visitors to visit us on the Thanksgiving Studio Tour to see what else we do.

I had plans to launch my “boomer box”  Bluetooth speakers at this festival, since the crowd will be there to listen to music.  But the boomer boxes are still a work in progress.  I’m hoping to have prototype to show, but nothing that I am ready to sell.